Friday, 28 September 2018


Sometimes we go on bad stuff to do but we can get snap when we get courts we don’t kirra we can just
go back on youtube and download songs it is the right thing to do.


                     DON’T DODGY

fairy tale

Once upon a time there lived a man that was called isaiah he think he was the best at everything and has anger Problems but there was a new students who came to this school it was john, hunter, tj and reece they were friend when they were babies. And they had a fight at the streets and they saw some people with their guns and they were shooting anybody. And he started missing his shots and he shot a bullet and it rebound on the wall and shot his own face and they started laughing hard out it was the best time ever THE END

leo gets money

Once upon a time there was man that was the best at fortnite but there was a little boy that was called leonidas he was not good at fortnite.So he went to go and talk to the pro wich sione k sione was the pro at all games so leonidas was going to sione  house.When leonidas got to sione house he saw a box and in the box was $200.Leonidas went to get the box and he did so leonidas went to his house and did you no what he said i am going to get me a ps4 with this money.When sione went out his house he said my $200 how did  leonidas got it i am going to his house and he better get my two hundred bucks back and if he dont then i am not going to show him how to play fortnite.Sione went to leonidas house and sione said were is leonidas he is not in his house he was at the game store geting games then leo bought games at the games store leo saw sione said where is my 200$ all gone.I am going to get you leo got away from sione but sione was fast and he got near leo was running as fast as he can but leo was not fast.So sione said where is my 200$ said sione leo said it is all gone but you can come to my house and i will give you some games and you can play them ok but you have to give me money next year leo said ok but can i have some money no said sione ok ok ok leo rune a way THE END

Monday, 24 September 2018

cross country

The hole school went to the cross country some went some did’t come to school because they did’t want to do the run.Next year they wood come did’t no wood they. Did leonidas come be 4 me Fales Did freedom came  1 True Did sione t came 2 True I was happy that i didn't come last i came 6th that's good but john k was last.